The following is a list of "alumni" players who have played for MVP Baseball or the West Coast Yankees National Championship teams. Many players have advanced to 4-Year College baseball programs and professional baseball organizations. The West Coast Yankees national travel team was founded by Harry Grumet in 1992 winning national tournament in 1993, 1995, 1997, 1998. Now after six years, the West Coast Yankees have returned with MVP Baseball. MVP Baseball and the West Coast Yankees have no affiliation with any Major League or Minor league teams.

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College Players -89

Pro Players -48

Year's MLB Name 4-Year College/University Professional Organization
1990-1993 MLB Vasquez, Virgil University of California - Santa Barbara Detroit Tigers
1991-1998 MLB Burroughs, Sean San Diego Padres
1991-1999 Grumet, Paul University of Pennsylvania
1992-1993 Westrick, Scott Columbia University
1992-1993 Schuler, Tony University of Nevada - Las Vegas
1992-1993 MLB Madson, Ryan Philadelphia Phillies
1992-1993 Carter, Josh Oregon State University San Diego Padres
1992-1994 Puccinelli, John San Diego Padres
1992-1995 Miller, Kevin University of Southern California
1992-1995 Helland, Ricky University of Southern California
1992-1998 Veloz, Gabe New Mexico State University St. Louis Cardinals
1993-1994 Lovato, Nick California State University - Fullerton Florida Marlins
1993-1994 leuthard, Ben San Diego State University Houston Astros
1993-1994 Hemus, Jered Grossmont College Minnesota Twins
1993-1994 Griffin, Preston University of California - Los Angeles Chicago Cubs
1993-1994 Godfrey, Ryan University of Southern California
1993-1994 Draper, John Kansas City Royals
1993-1995 MLB Wilson, CJ Texas Rangers
1993-1995 Sherrill, JJ Cleveland Indians
1993-1995 Johnson, Forrest University of California - Los Angeles Detroit Tigers
1993-1995 Diefenderfer, Joe Santa Clara University Philadelphia Phillies
1993-1997 Beaver, Ryan Loyola Marymount University
1993-1998 Shelley, Randall University of California - Los Angeles Texas Rangers
1993-1998 Howard, Kevin University of Miami Atlanta Braves
1993-1998 Christianson, Ryan Seattle Mariners
1993-1998 Broome, Billy Princeton University
1993-1998 Amundson, Derek University of New Orleans
1993-1999 Lunetta, Anthony University of Southern California Cleveland Indians
1993-1999 Barrios, Danny Long Island University
1994-1997 Vanech, David Wesleyan University
1994-1998 Cliffords, Woody Pepperdine University Baltimore Orioles
1995-1996 Wyrick, Dennis Arizona State University Baltimore Orioles
1995-1996 Hayness, Ryan University of Richmond
1995-1996 Conception, Alberto University of Southern California Boston Red Sox
1995-1997 Holland, Josh St. Josephs University
1995-1998 MLB Birkins, Kurt University of California - Los Angeles Baltimore Orioles
1996 * Nettles, Marcus University of Miami San Diego Padres
1996 MLB * Lopez, Felipe Cincinnati Reds
1996 * Lentz, Brian Harvard University Seattle Mariners
1996 * Henson, Drew New York Yankees
1996 * Garcia, Anthony Pepperdine University Chicago Cubs
1996 * Cordova, Ben Kansas City Royals
1996-1997 Incinelli, Matt University of North Florida Arizona Diamondbacks
1996-1997 Clayton, Ben Wake Forest University San Francisco Giants
1996-1997 Clark, Chad University of Southern California Arizona Diamondbacks
1996-1998 Guthrie, John St. Mary's College of California
1996-1998 Cardamone, Matt Biola University
1996-1999 Matsumoto, DJ St. Josephs University
1997-1998 Smith, John St. Mary's College of California
1997-1998 Sain, Greg University of San Diego San Diego Padres
1997-1998 Rouwenhorst, Jon Biola University Atlanta Braves
1997-1998 Rohlicek, Russell California State University - Long Beach San Francisco Giants
1997-1998 Orozco, Tony Florida Marlins
1997-1998 MLB Murphy, Bill California State University - Northridge Arizona Diamondbacks
1997-1998 Lewis, Christian University of California - Los Angeles
1997-1998 Bullard, Jim University of California - Santa Barbara Pittsburgh Pirates
1997-1998 Brown, Jason Harvard University
1998-1998 Caple, Tom University of Texas Boston Red Sox
1998-1999 Powell, Maurice Cypress JC Minnesota Twins
2002-2004 MLB Coello, Robert Boston Red Sox
2005-2006 Slocum, Dylan Santa Clara University
2005-2006 Shore, Bobby Oklahoma
2005-2006 Jamora, Jason Sonoma State University
2005-2006 Huls, Patrick University of Redlands
2005-2006 Hicks, Aaron Minnesota Twins
2005-2006 Godfrey, Brandon University of California - Long Beach
2005-2006 Filip, Tom Baylor University
2005-2006 Ferrante, Brian University of California - San Diego
2005-2006 Clark, Kevin Mesa State College
2005-2007 Harris, Brian University of La Vern
2005-2007 Fischer, Ryan University of The Pacific Boston Red Sox
2005-2007 Becket, Darren Pepperdine Univeristy
2005-2008 Magil, Matt Los Angeles Dodgers
2005-2008 Kelly, Charles Texas Southern University
2005-2009 Hawkins, klifford Lee University
2006 La Point, Lucas
2006-2007 Whitman, Charles Westmont College
2006-2007 Tonkin, Michael University of Southern California
2006-2007 Quade, Phillip California State Univeristy - Stanislaus
2006-2007 Koulos, Harry Yale University
2006-2007 Harrison, Andrew Cal State San Bernardino
2006-2007 Albright, Tyler Harvard Univeristy
2006-2008 Tonkin, Michael Minnesota Twins
2006-2008 Rifkin, Jake Marist College
2006-2008 Murphy, Clark Texas Rangers
2006-2008 Akiyama, Matt California State University Bakersfield
2006-2009 Washburn, Thomas California State University - Montery Bay
2006-2009 Smith, Stewart California State University Bakersfield
2006-2009 Heidenreich, Matt University of California Riverside
2007-2008 Torrez, Riccio Arizona Diamondbacks
2007-2008 Shannon, Jackson University of Oregon
2007-2008 Massar, Robby University of Virginia
2007-2008 Graves, Josh Simpson University
2007-2008 Crim, Mitchell Oregon Institute of Technology
2007-2008 Cinatl, Scott Linfield College
2007-2008 Carpenter, Garrett Mesa State College
2007-2008 Alexander, Bobby New Mexico State University
2007-2009 Seelinger, Ari Duke University
2007-2009 Sandhu, Sunny Menlo College
2007-2009 Robirtis, Dustin Mesa State College
2007-2009 Kirk, Gregory Lenoir-Rhyne College
2007-2009 Kelly, Josh Methodist College
2007-2009 Detz, Alex California State University Sacramento
2007-2009 Burke, Chris Cornell University
2007-2009 Brown, Jeffrey Paine College
2008-2009 Shaikh, Torin Westmont College
2008-9 Backlund, Nick Mercer
2010 McCray, Justin Chicago White Sox

( * ) Players recruited by Coach Grumet for U.S.A.'s Gold Medal Winning Entry in the 1996 16 U Junior Pan Am Games, a team that defeated Cuba twice!

( MLB ) Current or former Major League Player

All information is believed to be accurate. Any alumni player who recognizes an error should notify the webmaster.